The Luxury Travel Book

Bringing personality to personalised travel  

  • Sector:
  • Hospitality
  • Visual Identity
  • Verbal Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Design and Development
The marque of Luxury Travel Book in the shape of an elegant compass is embossed in the surface of off-white paper stamp decorating a luxurious brown envelope, adding a touch of lavishness.

In a sector dominated by algorithms and endless scrolling, the team at The Luxury Travel Book wanted to hone their offer and better articulate their point of difference. A family business, built on personal relationships and a network of local knowledge. Think private islands, Sommeliers and places that keyboards can’t find. 

Emotions influence choice. The brand looks to elevate the emotional journey of the end-to-end experience. A focus on human interaction and hyper-personal moments, not just properties. The identity aims to nurture a perpetual sense of adventure, inspired by a traditional nautical compass. It’s a north star that drives layouts, grids and digital navigation. 

Three covers of leaflets of the same size present part of the offer of The Luxury Travel Book. All of them have the name of the company on the top, centred. The leftmost one is eggshell blue, with Greek Islands illustrated in the middle of the page and 'Island Getaways' written underneath, both in off-white. The one in the centre is off-white in colour, with a landscape of Paris and the Eiffel Tower illustrated in the middle of the page, and 'City Guide' written underneath, both in black. The rightmost one is a pastel forest green, with an Italian countryside landscape with a house illustrated in the middle of the page and 'Countryside Retreats' written underneath, both in off-white. A part of a Venetian fresco in one of the properties offered by The Luxury Travel Book is used as a background behind the leaflets.
Dark olive green Business card with the luxury travel book logo in the middle, placed ontop of burned orange couch
Courtyard in Italy with Luxury Travel Book logo as a feature image
Luxury travel book custom made key ring of compass logo on marble surface
In relaxing, sandy scenery, a book rests casually on a soft pistachio-coloured blanket with white stripes, next to a pair of stylish sandals and a tangerine. The book's cover is visible – divided vertically in the middle, its left side is occupied by a beautiful photograph of a Tuscan countryside villa, with greenery, trees and outdoor furniture visible; the right side of the book cover is rusty orange. The bottom of that side is occupied by the title of the book and a short description, both in white. The title, in large headline text, says 'Tuscany', and underneath it, in smaller copy text, the description reads 'Make life that much easier on your next luxury villa holiday, by allowing us to organise groceries to be delivered to your luxury villa or apartment in advance of your trip.'. The elegant white compass marque of The Luxury Travel Book decorates the book in top centre, it's North and South indicators aligning perfectly with the photo/colour divide on the book cover, which is beautifully textured, almost as if it was made of canvas.
A screenshot of a Villa page in desktop format, displaying a illa with a pool
flyer card that says 'detail is everything' placed on dark brown luxury fabric
A image divided equally in the centre of the image, vertically. Right side showcases a snapshot from The Luxury Travel Book website presenting the main landing page; it is on a pastel forest green background. Left side presents an extreior of one of the properties available from The Luxury Travel Book.


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