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We were commissioned by the Department for Transport to evolve the brand identity of East West Rail. The third biggest infrastructure project in the UK, it will connect the communities from Oxford through to Cambridge, and intersect with all major lines going North-South. It will stimulate local towns as well helping to deliver the Government’s Global Britain strategy, reinforcing the UK’s position as a science and technology superpower.

The region accounts for a disproportionate percentage of England’s economic output with greater productivity, more patent applications, and four of the UK’s top eight cities for start-ups. Not to mention ten universities and the place where Oxford University and AstraZeneca created the world’s first approved COVID-19 vaccine. 

But the area is let down by a lack of connectivity. EWR would play a pivotal role in unlocking economic opportunity in the Oxford-Cambridge region, which could be worth over £100 billion in additional value every year by 2050.

Learning from HS2, the brand is positioned around connecting local communities to the things that matter; jobs, opportunities, loved ones. We collated and organised insights around how different audiences across the route feel about the project to inform a strategic evolution of the brand with the aim of better communicating the brand benefits, allying resident concerns and counteracting negative perceptions.

East West Rail Jacket with logo
East West Rail Station Posters
East West Rail tone of voice
East West Raik art direction, mother on platform
East West Rail Poster
East West Rail Digital Mapping
East West Rail Workers in High vis jackets
East West Rail hoarding connecting communities
EWR web desktop homepage displayed on a macbook pro on an angle.
EWR web design mobile
EWR socials design - connecting communities


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