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Words: Sam Edwards

Published on February 28, 2024

Anyvan Photoshoot 3

AnyVan is the UK’s go-to destination for delivery, removals, and transport. Since it began in 2009 it’s helped over 3 million people move their belongings in an easier, more affordable, and greener way by connecting them with local transport providers. 

With the launch of a new home removal service, we worked with AnyVan to bring their offer to life through photography, defining an art direction style that would serve as the cornerstone for the brand’s imagery.

Our work was centred on creating an authentic and personal representation of the moving process from planning, packing to homemaking. Showing the physical connection between individuals and their cherished belongings throughout the process and the role AnyVan plays in it.  

The shoot took place over three days, featuring three sets of models (joined by a dog) and together we created familiar, yet aspirational environments. We incorporated nods to AnyVan’s brand codes through considered scene-setting. Stylistically, we aimed to capture these moments and insights into people’s lives using a range of angles and crops, to immerse the viewer in the moving process. 

Photographic styling is often overlooked by brands. Consistent photographic style held together by a clear narrative is what often sets brands apart from the norm; it helps brands effectively communicate with their audience from both an emotional and functional perspective. Helping make the impersonal, personal, and in this case, making the stress of house removal relatable, human and hassle-free.

AnyVan photoshoot 5
AnyVan photoshoot 5
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AnyVan Photoshoot
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AnyVan photoshoot 5