Empowering people to make food choices that are right for them and better for the planet. 

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Born during lockdown, Compass Group’s Time2Eat app streamlined ordering and collecting food safely from users’ favourite destinations.

Time2Eat is widely used across Compass’s global portfolio, including universities, hospitals, and business campuses. However,  post-pandemic, user engagement dropped as normal work patterns resumed.

With the return to ‘normal,’ we were tasked with repositioning the service and developing a new verbal and brand identity emphasising user’s renewed needs – a fusion of sustainability, efficiency, accessibility, and community, aligning with Compass’s long-term sustainability strategy.

The logo, combining a food bowl, sun rays, and a clock face, symbolises nourishment and efficiency, while Illustrations add a human touch, guiding users towards mindful eating

Tonally, we struck a delicate balance – informative yet supportive, never preachy. Every message echoed the brand pillars, fostering connections and empowering users to make informed choices.

The result? A revitalised Time2Eat, poised to redefine the culinary landscape, one mindful choice at a time. Time2Eat encompasses a movement towards a healthier, more sustainable future – allowing people to eat with positive impact.

Image displays app Icon for time to eat in the middle and other generic app icons surrounding it
Time to Eat branded poster on outside of brick building saying
custom made Time to Eat stickers on window for promotion
A board sign outside of restaurant / office . Written on it large 'Collection Point' with illustrated hand holding a mini shopping bag
Time2Eat website splash page using illustration
Image of mans hand holding phone with app screen , scrolling food options with personal profile top of screen. Holding coffee in the other hand
User interface for app designs
Image of male barista laughing holding coffee with branded sunshine ray behind in purple
Visual with large writing saying : Meet the people behind the impact
Time2Eat Tone of voice
South Asian lady eating sushi infront of laptop. Laptop had time to eat stickers on lid
Time2Eat branded delivery biker
Click and collect digital banner


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