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How To By Emma

How to be a successful (& happy) creative

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Emma Hoareau worked in the media industry for over a decade, first starting her blog in 2008 while working as a journalist and has gained over 100,000 followers across her social channels.

Emma set up HTBE as a creative collective where she shares her in-depth knowledge on how to succeed as a creative freelancer. Members can choose from a collection of courses ranging from personal branding to photography to more practical guides like finances. Members also gain access to a community of like-minded creatives, where they can listen to live talks from industry professionals, and share projects.

We created the brand identity, taking inspiration from the community values that HTBE offers, a collection of hand-drawn assets which are weaved into the visual language. These different elements come together to create a feeling of collaboration, using Emma’s handwriting to add her personal touch. The brand comes to life through digital applications including social media assets and a website, where members can access the courses and connect with the community.

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