Portrait A Day 2021

In the Studio

Words: Tom Shuttleworth

Published on November 12, 2023

Portrait photography Rory Langdon Down

We’re excited to share a fantastic coffee table book we’ve designed for our friend, the incredible photographer, Rory Langdon-Down. Rory has spent everyday this past year taking portraits of people he meets, emphasising the fact that everyone has a story to tell. More details on the project and book below.

Portrait A Day 2021 is a project by photographer Rory Langdon-Down, who set out to document a year like no other by focussing on honesty, positivity and authentic connection.

These 365 portraits, and the dialogue that surrounds them, reveal the story of this unique year. One that comprised of lockdowns, vaccinations, freedoms returning, delayed events, love, loss and all the many stories that make us human.

This coffee table book features all 365 portraits from the project and over 40,000 words detailing the year through the stories of the people featured.

More on the project here.

Portrait a day internal spread
portrait a day internal spread
Portrait a Day internal spread detailing dates
Portrait a Day print detailing
Portrait a Day index design