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Vieve Protein Water

Protein is big business. Consuming more of it is now mainstream as more and more people understand its health benefits. So does the world need another protein drink? The ready-to-drink protein market was cluttered with endless foul-tasting, aggressively designed protein drinks, aimed at muscle heads and those whose fitness regimes can only be described as ‘fanatical’.

So Vieve’s founder laboured over a recipe for a great-tasting protein water using natural ingredients – Vieve is deliberately positioned as a lifestyle drink. Handy for a daily protein boost or a re-fuel after a park jog, Vieve is for people who want get the most out of life.

We researched the market and opportunity, defined audience types, came up with the name and carried out IP checks, articulated a brand idea and and story to act as a platform for the creative.

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A bold, colourful visual identity communicated the energy and positivity of everything Vieve stands for, perfectly embodying the core idea of ‘grab life’.

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