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The Light Cinemas

The Light is a fast-growing independently-owned multiplex chain. As retail and entertainment come back into town, their focus is on city centres undergoing regeneration. Often the first ones signed up for a new development, they act as the anchor, ensuring healthy footfall all day. Multiplex in name but independent in spirit, they are a local champion, creating welcoming spaces that become community hubs.

The vision for the business was the cue for the brand strategy. Our primary research told us that after content, getting together was the next biggest driver for going to the cinema. Cinema is a place where human relationships start, evolve and are cemented. Content - and the cinema experience - help form connections and bring us closer together. This was something that The Light could credibly build a brand around; that could drive behaviour and customer experience, creating differentiation from the inside out.

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We segmented audiences, defined the promise and story and a set of values they could live and die by.

Working with Aux Studio on music composition, our animated brand film and ident play before the trailers across the estate.

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Taking things as far away from shouty multiplex land as we could, we developed bespoke illustrated characters to work alongside brand copy, bringing the brand idea to life. Each site features its own unique ‘world’ of local landmarks.


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