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John + Pearl

John + Pearl is a fashion-forward costume jewellery brand aimed primarily at millennials. The pieces are stocked in Harrods and Selfridges and they carefully select sites to operate pop-up shops from, as well as operating an eCommerce site. The brand has recently opened its first permanent store on Duke Street in Marylebone.

When we started the project, the brand was incomplete and inconsistent. We took the concepts back to square one and produced an identity and photographic style that would appeal to the target audience and place the jewellery at the centre of the brand.

One of the core considerations of the project was how the website would function as we wanted to make the UX as simple as possible and show the pieces off prominently. Our solution was to really bring the photography to the fore and to create a site that felt more like a lookbook from which pieces could be purchased.

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Each product page was kept as text-lite as possible, allowing for the jewellery to speak for itself. This translated extremely well to the responsive site and allowed customers to make quick purchasing decisions.

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