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HCA Healthcare UK

HCA Healthcare UK are part of Health Corporation of America, the world’s largest private healthcare brand. Owners of six renowned London hospitals and more than 30 outpatient centres that include The Lister, The Princess Grace and London Bridge Hospital, the company is growing fast, taking over practices and opening new centres. On a rapid trajectory but without a clear and consistent brand in place to support this growth, we had to work fast to bring disparate elements together into a cohesive whole.

Their biggest challenge was that, whilst they are a large organisation and many of their hospitals were well known, the HCA UK brand itself didn’t mean much to people. The strategy is to build that equity, but how do you do that without a well defined brand? Answer: you can’t.

Taking a concept from digital agency SapientNitro, we developed the brand identity, honed brand definition, revised brand architecture, created messaging and defined a tone of voice to communicate the rational and emotional differentiators that set the brand apart. We worked with photographers to show ‘moments of care’ before creating detailed brand guidelines


For the first time HCA UK have a clear brand framework and set of guidelines that will give them the basis for brand communications. We continue to work with them on brand architecture, brochures and other brand collateral, tone of voice and communicating the brand internally. Brand guidelines remain a work in progress as we collaborate with other appointed agencies FCB Inferno and SapientNitro to review every touchpoint.

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