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Forge Island, Rotherham

If you’re a council on a mission to do things differently, what does that mean for your placemaking strategy? How do you compete with one of the UK’s biggest shopping centres on your doorstep?

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Rotherham Metropolitan Council have big plans to regenerate the historic town of Rotherham. With a new education centre, new housing and major investment, the town is set to change radically. Forge Island is a leisure development anchored by a cinema and will be the catalyst for wider activity across the town.
We are asked to write a report and articulate a vision for what the leisure and F&B mix could be. Looking at wider trends, local drivers for growth and what would engage the local market, our report gave specific recommendations on the types of businesses that could work and bring something different to the town. We looked at schemes across the UK to understand what could work in Rotherham.
We addressed questions like: What should the overall experience be? In the face of struggling retail and closing restaurant chains, how can we make Forge Island a success? Which audiences will be key? How can you join the development up with the town centre and other areas of interest?

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