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Bill or Beak

Duck or chicken? A hell of a question, on par with some of the other world’s impossible dichotomies. Messi or Ronaldo. Blur or Oasis. Nike or Adidas. We developed a brand identity and a cheeky tone of voice for this East London foodie offering. One of Time Out’s top 5 street food stores in London they are part of the renowned Kerb and Street Food collectives.

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We needed to make the brand stand out in a busy street food setting so we designed all collateral to be punchy, with enough cheek to get people interested and then to let the food do the talking.


Bill or Beak continues to go from strength to strength and has established itself as one of the staples of the London street food scene. The simplicity and impact of the brand identity and tone of voice is consistently engaging across channels and has allowed BoB to amass a sizeable social media following. Some credit for this should probably go to the quality of the burgers too we suppose.

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