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Acacia Jewellery

Acacia design and sell women’s bracelets. The inspiration comes the Victorian concept of the Language of Flowers, where each flower in a bouquet would represent a specific character trait of the receiver. Each bracelet uses coloured glass or ceramic beads to represent a character trait of the wearer. Passion, serenity, courage – the customer can choose the piece of jewellery that they feel best reflects their personality.

We have truly seen this project end-to-end. We were involved in designing the product concept, naming, audience identification of self-purchasing Millennials, messaging, brand identity, photography and full web and collateral build. Now the brand has launched, we are managing the digital marketing and working closely with the client on content and social media.


This is the first time that Anatomy has invested into a project with our intellectual and financial capital in exchange for shares in the business and a revenue split. We are excitingly waiting for our first feature in Stylist and look forward to growing the brand in the years to come.

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